q. what’s so good about podcasts?

a. Podcasting is a way of subscribing to a programme. Once subscribed, iTunes (or other podcast client) automatically looks for any new programme and when there is one, downloads  it for you in the background, while you and your computer get on with other things. You are then free to listen to it whenever you like on your computer, your mp3 player or your phone. You only ever need to subscribe once.

q. what if I don’t have iTunes?

a. iTunes is a free programme, you can download it here and there are many other programmes that will do the job; here’s a list of them

q. what do I do if clicking the link didn’t work for me?

a. Clicking the link on the Dragon Radio page should launch iTunes (your browser will ask you first if it’s OK to do so) and will then subscribe you to the programme and download the latest episode. If this doesn’t work for some reason, it is very easy to do manually:
Open iTunes, and in the ‘advanced’ menu click on ‘subscribe to podcast’, then where it says ‘url’ paste in the following:-


For the ‘We Need To Talk About…Mental Illness’ podcast, paste in the following:-


If you are using a different podcast client, (like Zune, Juice or Miro) the above instructions should get you going.

We hope you enjoy listening, and if you have any problems send an email to podcast@dragoncafe.co.uk

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