We Need To Talk About…Beauty, Manic Depression and The Music of Georg Friedrich Handel

4th of February

Sarah and Thomas Tobias tells the story of, having decided to learn to sing as a possible way to combat her long term mental illness, she found herself at the Jackdaws Educational Trust, an experience which was to change her life. She goes on to introduce us to some of her favourite music of Georg Friedrich Handel.

WNTTA Handel and Manic Depression (562 downloads)

We Need To Talk About….Beauty And Mental Wealth

28th of January 2013

Over a hundred people came to a packed Dragon Café to hear poetry lawyer David Neita talk about beauty, and its mental health implications. This was followed by question and observations from the room; as David said “the expertise is in the room, I just kick started the conversation…”.

WNTTA Beauty (857 downloads)

We Need To Talk About…Psychiatric Hospitals

21st of January 2013

Alex Hamel, a Canadian film maker came to The Dragon Café to show us his documentary on a Canadian psychiatric hospital. It had originally been made with teenagers in mind and was originally presented in 6 short films posted on Youtube, with the hope that it would draw young people’s attention to the existence of psychiatric hospitals and draw comments on people Facebook walls etc. This emotive subject certainly drew comment at the Dragon Café and is presented here in full but with the film clips truncated as they were in French and subtitled.

WNTTAPsychiatricHospitals (518 downloads)