We Need To Talk About…Psychiatric Wards and Mental Health

20th of May 2013

Consultant Psichiatrist, Khaldoon Ahmed and Mental Fight Club Creative Director Sarah Wheeler and Thomas Tobias discuss with the Dragon Café audience the role in fostering (or not!) good mental health. This is Dialogue 2 of our ‘Young Doctors @ The Dragon Café Dialogues’.

WNTTA Psychiatric Wards (582 downloads)

We Need To Talk About…Medication, Diagnosis and Mental Illness

13th of May 2013

This was the first of our Young Doctors Dialogues in which trainee doctors Elinor Hynes and Louise Bundock discuss with the audience the role of medication and diagnosis in the relationship between doctor and client. It is introduced by Sarah Wheeler and Thomas Tobias.

WNTTA Medication and Diagnosis (641 downloads)

We Need To Talk About…Mothers

8th of April 2013

A discussion led by Ebony Empress, Sandra Rodney, in discussion with MFC Creative Director, Sarah and Thomas Tobias.

WNTTA Mothers (520 downloads)