Key 56

21st of January 2013

We start this week’s program with Patricia Dark from the local studies library with one of two Southwark stories of forgotten heroes followed by some reaction to our new Drama group and a poem from Stephen Micalef. We then hear from Sarah Wise who explores the themes from her book, ‘Inconvenient People’ which tells the stories of people banished to psychiatric institutions for no better reason than to get them out of the way, a theme continued in the discussion following Kathy Crockford’s reading of ‘The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox’ l. After another poem and an introduction to Sarah Wheeler’s Extallation we bring the theme to the present day with the documentary film by Alex Hamel about a Canadian Psychiatric Hospital and part of the discussion it engendered. You can hear the whole discussion here.

21 jan 13 (483 downloads)

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