Join Our Singing Group – To Perform at Shakespeare’s Globe

Join Vivien Ellis to perform ‘Bedlam Boys Are Bonny’ at the Concert for Winter at Shakespeare’s Globe on Thursday 11 December 2014.

Any queries email Vivien at

Here’s what you need to do:

Rehearsals are at the Dragon Café every Monday from 12.30 to I.20pm. You need to be able to make each session: 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th November and 1st December. On 8th December the Monday rehearsal with be at The Globe 12.30 to 1.30pm.

There will be an additional rehearsal on Wednesday 10 December from 12.30 – 1.30 pm at Shakespeare’s Globe.

Rehearse and perform 10 – 2 pm (t.b.c) on the stage of Shakespeare’s Globe on Thursday 11 December 2014.

Here’s how you can keep learning at home:

So that you can practice at home:

Here’s a recording of the song

And you can download it by clicking the link below

Bedlam-boys-with-click3.mp3 (12 downloads)


The lyrics are here.

The speed of the recording is a little slower than how we will eventually sing it. This is to help learning.

The videos of the body percussion moves are here.

Tips for learning the words

We will learn the ballad’s melody and words by heart each week. It will really help if you get to know the text in your own time.   My advice for learning would be to take your time, learn a line and then add the next line. Go slowly, building up line by line. Only learn a new line when you have the previous words memorised. Repeat them to yourself little and often.

What is the Concert for Winter?

A Concert for Winter at The Globe Theatre is an annual festive celebration of the past, present and future of Southwark on the Globe stage for our local community.   Complete with song, dance, poetry and a myriad of performance, participation is free for a relaxed and intimate showcase of Southwark’s rich talents. The Dragon Café has been chosen as one of nine local groups to perform a short work on the theme of ‘Stories of Southwark – past and future’.

We’ve chosen to perform a popular ballad called ‘Bedlam Boys are Bonny’. Bedlam hospital was located in Southwark in the nineteenth century. Singing and dancing in groups is known to be good for wellbeing, and we’re combining our singing with movement and body percussion. Vivien Ellis, our Dragon Café singing leader will lead the group with Anna Llombart, a rhythm dancer who brings lots of lots of experience of teaching all kinds of groups. Do join us! The world, after all, is a stage!