Bread Rolls & Dancing!

16th of September 2013

This week we journey through movement and the mind via Madagascar, snugly wrapped in our Health & Safety jacket, stopping off to meet Micaleff at Luddites’ Corner next to the eternal triangle. We dance united as Marc makes bread rolls accompanied by Louise and David Neita gives us a challenge and we hear how learning to sing allowed Sarah to dance!

Are we in the mood?

Dragon Radio 16th Sept 2013 (564 downloads)

It’s Time to Talk

9th of September 2013

Welcome, Maluco, Kadijha, Poesia, Vida, Micaleff, Laura Jane Dean with an extract from her piece on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and some of the ensuing discussion. The Lovely Eggs perform ‘Panic Plants’.

Dragon Radio 9 Sept 13 (530 downloads)

Listen, Be Inspired & Laugh

2nd of September 2013

Laughter, speech, applause, poetry, song, affirmation, story-telling, piano, film and inspirational words and the free market all on the air at the Dragon Café this week, as we move into a month of September celebration.

Dragon Radio 2nd Sept 2013 (562 downloads)