Creative Calendar


This is an overview of the creative programme for the Dragon Café for 2012/2013. Click the name of the month for a more detailed description of forthcoming events; we will generally have an updated detailed description of activities for the present month and a more general sketch for the following month.

October 2012: Descent into Autumn  Exploring the onset of mental illness, what happened, how did it feel, what it meant and where did it lead you or does it still?
November 2012: We Shall Not Cease From Mental Fight Exploring William Blake, England's greatest Visionary Artist and Poet, former worker and resident in locations near to Old Southwark.
December 2012: London's Outlaw Borough The deep creative history and 'Mystery of Old Southwark'; the importance of locality in fostering mental well-being
January 2013: In the Bleak Midwinter the experience of mental health. What helps? What hinders?
February 2013: Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow The music of Nick Cave, Patti Smith and musicians from all traditions who throw light on despair, anguish, joy and recovery.
March 2013: 'You Do Not Talk About Fight Club?' Screenings & talks about Fight Club and other films that explore  experiences of  mental illness, life  traumas and recovery.
April 2013 Cry God for Harry, England & St George! Exploring she/he heroes and icons which inspire inner peace, religious or secular, spiritual or material, present and past.
May 2013: The Green Shoots of Spring Recovery: How does it ever happen? what does it feel like? How does it change you? What can you do to  stay well? How can others help  you?
June 2013: Turn On Your Light! Exploring the epic poem 'Mental Fight' & other poems which inspire us to keep going, ones we have written those of others,  famous and obscure.
July & August 2013: Shall I Compare Thee to a a Summer's Day? Mental well-being:what does it  mean? How did we get here? As the Holy Grail, for those who  are repeatedly ill, we rest to consider this theme for two months rather one.
September 2013: Is This The Question? (World Suicide Prevention Day, 12 Sept), The hardest issue of all, how do we ever understand? How do we ever recover?