We Need To Talk About … Ward Design

29th of September 2014

Five speakers share their perspective on ward design, including a new secure unit; repeatable rooms that are just about to be built; patient-led designs from the nineteenth century and an emergent new process of co-design – from space to place.

WNTTAWardDesign.mp3 (713 downloads)

We Need To Talk About … Sanctuary After The Asylum

15th of September 2014

Diana Rose (Professor of User Research,cKCL , Nick Hervey (retired Head of Social Care at SLaM), David Beales (artist who represents asylum and society in his work) and Sarah Wheeler (on finding religious/rural/psychiatric sanctuary) chaired by Mike Jay, author of ‘The Influencing Machine’.

WNTTASanctuaryAfterTheAsylum.mp3 (704 downloads)

We Need To Talk About…Transitioning Out of Hospital

24th March 2014

A discussion about the personal experience of coming out of psychiatric hospital.

Featuring the voices of Sarah Wheeler and Sarah Martin, from the Maudsley Hospital, who presents ideas towards the new transitional service and invites feedback from the Dragon audience.

WNTTATransitioningOutOfHospital.mp3 (812 downloads)